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Affordable Hair Transplants
and Hair Restoration Surgery
High Quality Hair Implants Since 1998

Locations in Los Angeles, Encino, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, San Jose, Riverside, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco and Hair Transplant Los Angeles.

Quality hair transplant surgery for hair loss sufferers doesn't have to be expensive. We deliver high quality results at low cost hair transplant fees. Get the "impeccably natural" hairline you deserve and avoid first time hair transplant cost mistakes. Call us before you make this important hairloss surgery decision.

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Five Reasons to Choose My Hair Transplant MD for Your Hair Transplant Needs in Los Angeles, Encino, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange County, San Jose, Riverside, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco and hair transplant Los Angeles.

Reason #1: Modern Pinpoint Hair Restoration

Pinpoint hair restoration transplants your hair exactly as it grows which is in naturally occurring follicular clusters of 1, 2, 3, and 4 hairs at a time.

Pinpoint Hair Transplantation is the newest technique to permanently and naturally restore your hair. Hair is relocated from the donor zone into the areas affected by thinning or genetic balding, using only your naturally occurring, follicular clusters or units, consisting of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs in each.

This procedure differs from other forms of hair restoration surgery in that magnification is used to isolate these naturally occurring follicular clusters. This procedure uses the donor supply most efficiently and gives the most natural look.

Up to 4,000 Follicular units and up to 10,000 hairs can be transplanted in a single session. This advanced technique produces quicker, more natural-looking results in fewer sessions. This technique also eliminates the problem of looking "under construction" until the last procedure is done. Each procedure stands on its own... and maybe one is all you need.

My Hair Transplant MD is a leader in this hair restoration technique. By utilizing pinpoint hair restoration, My Hair Transplant MDachieves the most natural hair restoration results possible for all patients regardless of their age or degree of hair loss.

Reason #2: Comprehensive Hair Loss Evaluation

Although hair loss is not completely predictable, the surgeon must make an assessment of the following factors in order to properly develop any long-term surgical plan:

  • Family hair loss history
  • Patient hair loss history
  • Dry measurements of thinning and bald areas
  • Wet measurements of the thinning and bald areas
  • Donor area density and measurement
  • Patients personal wants and desires
  • Hairline recreated and drawn in
  • Photo history of the above finding

Reason #3: Precise Measurements and Planning

Once the above factors are determined, then and only then can a well-defined surgical treatment plan be developed. This surgical treatment plan is the blueprint of your present hair loss condition. It's also the guide My Hair Transplant MD uses for treating each patient. We continually update this guide as you age or as you continue with your recommended treatment regimen. When you come for your evaluation, we take precise measurements so you'll know exactly what's possible before you move ahead with your hair restoration goals. And you'll know precisely how many grafts it will take over what period of time. This information is provided in writing and becomes a permanent part of your medical file.

Reason #4: Precise Surgical Instruments

My Hair Transplant MD uses only the finest surgical instruments available. Precision surgical needles are used to create the receptor sites. We never use the fast-acting round punch used by "Assembly Line" hair transplant clinics to move quickly between patients. By using a surgical needle My Hair Transplant MD works much slower when we recreate your hairline but we give you greater density and a more natural hairline than by using the punch-grafting method. After all, patients prefer "natural results" over speed.

Reason #5: True Dense Packing

Instead of giving you minimum coverage where you must come back again and again, we give you the maximum density that's medically safe. We place the grafts as close as possible so each procedure stands on its own... which means you can walk away after one procedure and never see us again. The results will be "totally natural."

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My Hair Transplant MD has offices in San Diego, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, hair transplant Los Angeles and other areas in California. We are your hair transplant specialists.

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